Hello everyone Welcome to blogmas day 12! How is it already Blogmas Day 12, it's so crazy to think that!
I am going to be doing a guest blogmas with Lucy Elizabeth from:
'I'm super lucky to be involved in the gorgeous Amy's Blogmas! Her blog is honestly one of my faves so i'm feelng v lucky to be working with her!
I asked Lucy to tell me and my readers about her Christmas wishlist, as i always find this interesting and i always get some ideas for my own wishlist! This is the gorgeous Lucy.. 
Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I’m definitely one of those people who  enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them! I get asked every year what I want for Christmas and I never know, so recently I’ve started writing a list throughout the year of things I want or need so then if anybody asks I can tell them something from the list! It also really helps as then I’m getting things I will actually use. Of course, I’m grateful for whatever I g…

Welcome to Blogmas 2018!

Hello everyone, Welcome to Blogmas 2018!!
Today is the 1st December 2018 (eeek!) which means it is the start of Blogmas and for some people Vlogmas! 
So all of my fellow readers i have done blogmas before, but if you are a new reader and wondering what Blogmas actually is, it is where i will be blogging everyday up until Christmas Day! I love Christmas so with Christmas and blogmas combined, it is the perfect way! I am actually currently writing this first blogmas post in August (I know!). So i am going to be making a lot of Christmas themed blog posts over the festive period from 1st December-25th December, so if you don't like Christmas then feel free not to read any of my blog posts until after Christmas. 
I am going to be scheduling my blogmas posts to go live at 4:30pm everyday. I thought this was a good time as school will have finished, if you are on your way home from work or college and if you are making your dinner. Now, i am writing this in August as i have previously said,…

Mitch writes my blog post?😯

Hello everyone, I wanted to change this Wednesday's blog post up, as i wanted to get someone to write kind of a guest blog post, but not a blogger! What better person to get Mitchell to do it; who i have know for 5 years to write it... Let's get into it! I asked him 10 questions and here is the outcome!

1. Where did you meet Amy? I met Amy on social media
2. Fave memory with Amy There are tons of memories with her but my favourite is when Leicester won the league and Spurs came 3rd :P (lol thanks for that Mitch)
3. first impression? She made a good first impression and funny enough it was on her birthday, found out we had a fair bit in common. A: we have a lot of things in common!
4 If Amy could go on a date, where would it be?  M)Her favourite date would be Nandos! No questions asked😜 A)There is actually a funny story about this whole 'Nandos thing' Maybe one day i'll tell ya!
5. How many children does Amy want? She wants 2 kids?? A: I do! I want a boy and a girl!

6. When did…

Bilou Products review!

Hello everyone, I am back with a product review! You may recognise the brand called Bilou, this is because they sell their products in superdrug:
What is bilou? Bilou is a German company who does all things body care! They have released some bodycare in the UK with the scents: coco cocktail, fizzy berry, cotton candy, tasty donut and pink melon! They are all 100% vegan and skin compatible that has been tested by a dermatologist! I was lucky enough to receive some of their products: creamy shower gel, 2 in 1 bodyspray and the cream foam! I got the scents: Tasty donut, fizzy berry and cotton candy thanks to howling Pr. 

Products: cotton candy Cream foam:  This is exactly what it is a creamy foam which i love! This body cream is super lightweight on the skin, which i love! It comes in an aerosol bottle, which is perfect, as you only need 1 pump of foam to get it all over the skin. When i was putting it on my skin, my skin felt completely soft an…

The top chair trends – restyle your home with inspiration- Sue Ryder Shop!

Hello everyone!!
Are you looking to revamp and restyle your home with a pop of colour? Have you ever thought about getting some furniture in a charity shop? Try Sue Ryder!
About Sue Ryder Online:  As most of you know i had a neurologist because of my seizures and this charity is a neurological care in a person centred hospice. 'Set up in 2016 the Sue Ryder shop has a warehouse based in Northampton, where products are stored and sent from. Sue Ryder Online Shop aims to support the core of Sue Ryder’s work, selling high-quality items and donating 100% of the profits to helping provide person-centred hospice and neurological care.' 
So if you are looking to add  a pop of colour and some chairs in your home. Sue Ryder has every style for you. They have crushed velvet furniture, pops of pink, and is in with the latest interior trends! They have some brand new exclusive trends, such as storage units, chairs for interior and garden use.
Velvet:  I love velvet decorations and chairs, i think t…

Holiday at Golden Taurus Aqua Park

my holiday 2018; 

Golden Taurus;
Hello guys,
As you would've known from my holiday posts, i went to Golden Taurus Aqua Park Resort. My first visit at this lovely hotel was when i was  9 years old and now i am 21. Crazy! I hadn't been back for about 6 years, and everything had changed. From some of the layout of the hotel, they even had an aqua park now, which what an addition it is, the restaurant had changed and the animation team had changed. I am very wary of change but this was a welcome change, as it still had the same feel to it, and like all of my holidays here, memories I would forever cherish. 

The hotel and surrounding areas: 
The hotel is a 4* hotel and if you enjoy the beach, you would love this location of where the hotel is. it is situated on the Pineda De Mar Beach. The town Calella is a half hour walk or there is a little bus just outside of the hotel, that you can get to in 10 minutes. I would defiantly visit Calella as it is a beautiful little town with the best s…